PT. GS-Indo

PT. GS-Indo


To gain multiple growth compared to the previous year

Who Is PT. GS-Indo?

Integrated Solution

PT. Gracia Santo Indonesia (PT. GS-Indo) is a company that has business competities in the business field of System Intergrators, IT Solution and Manage Service supported by a Management Team that has experience, competence and dedication in the field. Many challenges that must be faced, but gratefully that the company can overcome all obstacles. We believe that God will always help people who are trying hard and remain faithful. We always upgrading our standard of quality and make innovations to ensure the excellence of our service. According to our expectations, the development, trade and service industries will experience positive and significant growth. To support these needs, the latest IT solutions, network security and accurate database are very important in the industry 4.0 today.


What I do


Wireless Solutions

The popularity of wireless LANs is a primal testament to their convenience, cost efficiency, and ease of integration with other networks and network components. Products: Wireless Controller, Wireless Access Point


Wired Solution

A majority of work equipment relies on a stable server, storage, and networking architecture. Products: Router, Switch, Data Center Switch.



Cybersecurity protects investments and brand reputations. Looking for simple but powerful ways to help improve your IT and network security?
Products: UTM Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Email Security, Endpoint Security.


Server Storage

A Server Storage is a facility that centralizes a company’s IT operations and equipment. It is the brain of a company and the place where the most critical processes are run.
Products: Server, Storage, SAN Switch.


Unified Communications

Unified communications helps businesses, small and large alike, to streamline information delivery & ensure ease of use. Products: IP PBX, Video Conference, Collaboration EndPoints.


Virtualization and Cloud

Increase business efficiency and decrease costs with virtualization and cloud.
Products: VMWare, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft 365.

Our service – led approach creates efficiencies and optimizes IT for better business outcomes

Services Overview

Consulting Services

Technical Services

ICT Infrastructure Services

Maintenance Services

Manage Services

We ensure our IT service Management processes are aligned with the needs of business and in line with the international best practice. We demonstrate our capability in the design, transition, delivery and improvement of our service. In order to achieve consistent result and continually improve our operational precesses, we standardize our quality assurance and management. We strive to provide the best service to your organization by producing, delivering services and providing support functions that meet your needs and expextations.

What we Offer?

  • 24/7 monitoring and remediation
  • Installations and confirurations
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Monitoring for performance & capacity
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Capacity planning
  • Patch management
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Hardware replacement support
We strives to design and deliver the right solution to your company

Our Solution

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

Modernize your organization infrastructure, migrate applications and data to the cloud and build analytics solutions on data platforms in the cloud

Digital Bussiness Management

From business process automation to digital marketing nalytics, we will help you find out the best marketing stratediecs for your needs.

Enterprise Collaboration

Keep a pulse on what’s going on in the industry and inside of your organization optimize your potential to innovate and collaborate

Adaptive Security Architecture

Offer you a security architecture that not only protective and preventive but also drive the predictive and response solutions.

Big Data & Analytics

Optimize resource, anticipate business opportunities better data better decisions.


We consistently delivering high quality IT service to our customers.

With a strong vision and mission, we formulated the goal. We also apply company values to daily activities

Our Value